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Sam Fullwood III

Full of It

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As metro columnist for The Plain Dealer, Sam Fulwood III writes about the big issues we Clevelanders face today together. Race, political folly, crime -- he tackles them head-on, with an unflinching, no-nonsense style. The news isn't always good, but as Fulwood pokes and prods and scrapes at the surface, he is steadfastly looking for the steel beneath the rust. He uncovers many smaller stories that reveal the deeper character of our city and its citizens -- its mentors and students, artists and patrons, volunteers and leaders. He muses on the minor matters of daily life in the new millennium -- junk email you can't get rid of, junk food you can't give up, and big box stores you can't avoid. And he's not afraid to stare into the mirror and dissect the sometimes hidden role the media plays in shaping our news. A relative newcomer, Fulwood looks at our city with a fresh pair of eyes. But his roots have grown quickly in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland is my home, he writes. I respect its past, care about its present and want a voice in its future. Even when readers disagree with me, I want them to understand that whether my words are encouraging and soothing or angry and demanding, they're always spoken with love. Fulwood's words are strong and his thinking fresh. They'll make you stop and think, and maybe think again. Read them with your brain engaged and be rewarded with a new perspective on the place you call home.