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Presidents of the USA: Lives and Legacies (Book and Print Packs)

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43 men have recited the solemn oath of office and become President of the United States, a pledge that instantly makes that man arguably the most powerful man in the world.

This illustrated, fact-filled publication gives you not only the biographies of these fascinating men, but also covers the history of the Presidency itself from inception through the present day, focusing on pivotal points in American history when substantial shifts in policy took place.

Included are the expansion of the nation under Thomas Jefferson, the rise of Jacksonian democracy ushering in the era of the common man, the crucial years immediately following the Civil War, the recurring specter of assassination, the major accomplishments of the Progressive Era, America's reaction to World War I in the form of isolationism, the advent of the Great Depression and World War II, and the frightening decades of the

Cold War. Told in riveting prose, packed with fascinating photos, this publication provides the reader with an accurate, interesting, and visual history of the world's most important position.