Benjamin Villegas, Santiago Harker, and Weildler Guerra Curvelo

Wayuu: People of the Columbian Desert - Hardback

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Successfull survivors of the tragic destiny that fell upon most indigeouscommunities after the arrival of European conquerors to America, the Wayuuethnia has been for hundreds of years, one of the principal identityparadigms of the Colombian culture. They are descendants of the Arawakindians of Guyana, and have managed to survive in the tough conditions ofthe desert; La Guajira is the most arid area in the Caribbean and only theWayuu have been able to tamper it, thanks to a strong belief in their owncultureThe Wayuu people are semi-nomad shepherds and hunters that lived isolatedfor generations but are now, thanks to XX Century modern communications, apeople known for its creative resources, deep roots in their culture andwise knowledge of the nature of men in the world.In his own way, Santiago Harker, an experienced photogapher, keeps away froma purely historic look, to see this extraordinary universe of the Wuayuu inthe form of a book that shows the wisdom of the indians, heirs of theColombian desert, and the natives as individuals in an alienate society.Finally, Wayuu, people of the Colombian desert, as the flap of the bookreads, “ is a dream-inspiring and thought-provoking hallucinatory journeythrough fantastic landscapes and human encounters.”