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J.J. Savaunt


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A troubling series of missing person cases lead back to Mercy Hospital, but the truth is far more terrifying than you could ever imagine . . .
After receiving a promotion, Dr. Jacqui is thrilled to begin a career helping infertile women conceive. However, her excitement soon turns to fear when she realizes what her patients must give up in exchange.
But Jacqui cannot walk away. She has more at stake than just her career: her daughter’s life.
When Cara, a patient at the fertility hospital, is run off the road in a mysterious accident, police start asking questions. And after a disturbing trend of missing young Black women emerges, all evidence points to Mercy Hospital.
And the nightmare is only just beginning for Jacqui, the dedicated doctor, protective mother, and unhappy participant in a scheme where the most precious gift in the world comes with deadly consequences . . .

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