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Martin Kush

Economic Racism: Memoir of a Heroic Nonconformist

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This a thought-provoking assertion of the harm caused by racism in the American economy AND HOW TO FIX IT!

'Race' is an invention bolstered by societal tools—pseudoscience, religion, government, mores, and colonialism. Its creation sired predominantly one group of the world to flourish through propaganda that justified edicts and norms to subjugate and abuse any person who was non-white or indigent. Despite activism against injustice, America never reconciled its eclectic immigrant and native inhabitants so that all could blossom and live in harmony. Instead, it memorialized a system of domination based on a value approach of hoarding, a behavior emanating from its European ancestors ingrained with aristocratic and monarchial aspirations. America believes whiteness is superior to everyone who cannot choose whiteness due to their born complexion.

'Whiteness' is a fantasy that we have all kept alive. Many so-called "white people" maintain this privilege to stockpile resources and have an easier life as God ordained—so they believe. America's caste system damages the economy and everyone in society. This inaugural book by Martin Kush is a must-read in a lifetime. It intricately outlines the reasons for modern-day racism linking this sociological malady with history. He challenges the status quo by presenting bold policy solutions to help eradicate various elements of the scourge. Martin Kush does not imply that America improves civil rights. Economic Racism offers recommendations to end racism before it obliterates the soul of humanity, the nation's economy, and everyone who has come to call it home.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this book may be offensive to some readers and do not necessarily reflect the publisher's opinions.

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