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Froswa' Booker-Drew

Empowering Charity: A New Narrative of Philanthropy

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Our faith is centered around giving and offering support, yet our belief about those who need "help" must be reexamined. Philanthropy is steeped in myths that hurt communities of color rather than help them. Many current philanthropic strategies fail because they neglect the experience, wisdom, and gifts of those receiving "help," and prioritize and perpetuate false myths. These myths fuel deficit-based models of philanthropy that do not work and will not change poverty.

Froswa’ Booker-Drew offers a solution that transforms philanthropy at individual and collective levels. Eliminating common myths and misinterpretations can bring about a more effective model of philanthropy―one that relies on a community’s social, human, and cultural capital and champions the insights and strengths of those being served. In addition, the voices of those most impacted by philanthropy must be included in board membership, program development, leadership in nonprofits, and charitable giving.

Empowering Charity serves as a catalyst and conversation starter for authentic inclusion in our workplaces, organizations, and communities. Booker-Drew supplies tools for involving those who are often unknown, overlooked, or viewed as "other," strategies that will have a collective impact in the community of God and transform philanthropy to highlight God’s love for all people and effect real change.

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