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Christina Starobin

Hijack Holiday

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The following pages contain the narrative of DC flight 787 from JFK to Nassau in the Bahamas. The first section contains 40 personal histories told by some of the passengers and crew. The second section unfolds the events in which they were involved. As with all narratives, it is up to you to decide which narrators are reliable and which are merely self-serving, or, at worse, distorting the story for various purposes. Technical details have been altered so as not to provide a blueprint for

Born in New York City, Christina Starobin attended Great Neck North Senior High School where she won a first prize in poetry in the National Senior Scholastic Writing Awards. She then attended Harvard, graduated cum laude, and wenr to live briefly in Los Angeles. Returning to New York, she worked at any number of office jobs and received her masters from Columbia University, going on to get a Ph.D. from NYU in English.

In 1982 she won a Duncan Lawrie award (35 prizes out of 33,000 entries) in Sotheby's International Poetry competition, and her prize-winning poem was published 11 years later in an British anthology alongside Robert Burns, Whitman, and Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

She has taught at St. Johns, various community colleges in New York City, including Harlem, and in New Jersey. She currently lives in upstate New York where she taught at the CIA. Her poetry performance troupe WORD SALAD continues to delight audiences both near and far with original and satiric wit.