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Kacie LeCompte Renfro

The Bridges We Will Build

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We hear a lot about refugees in the news, but how many of us really know their stories?

The Bridges We Will Build, follows four women of various countries of origin and drastically different life experiences, refugees and Americans, as they come together at The Unity School, a charter school for refugee and American children. Here, they rediscover the hope and inspiration that seemed lost to them before. But when one of them is killed in a violent hate crime, their new-found hope for the future is tested. The Bridges We Will Build provides a vision of the possibility of true solidarity. It compels us to believe that communities can transcend socially constructed barriers towards a recognition of our common humanity.

"The Bridges We Will Build reminds us of the ways women negotiate the inter-sections of their lives. It is accessible even as it crosses into important complications in the lives of its main characters. Enjoy!" --Dr. amina wadud, American Muslim theologian, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University

"Renfro creates characters that bring the reader closer to becoming compassionate and understanding of refugees struggling to assimilate into a new culture. This story is a reminder that we have the power to end this hatred and that power resides in our actions to confront racism and injustice themselves." --Matilde Simas, Founder of Capture Humanity, Visual Journalist

"The Bridges We Will Build is an insightful, well-written book about finding friendship in a world of conflict, misunderstanding, displacement and intolerance. This book renewed my faith that love and human connection can overcome even the most destructive forms of trauma and prejudice." --Christopher White, Professor of Religion, Vassar

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