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Alison McBain

The New Empire

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Fire. Blood. His brother's hand smashing his face to the ground. These are Jiangxi's final memories of Beijing from 1751. In the alternate history novel The New Empire, a bloody coup imprisons the emperor's youngest son in the bowels of a cargo ship, headed to a much different America than we've read about in history books. When Jiangxi arrives in the distant city of Wacharon, a trading hub for a powerful tribal confederacy, he is sold upon his arrival. As he begins to learn about the influential man who bought him, he's caught between the two worlds of his past and present, forced to choose between following the law of the land or striking out on his own to find a new and bold path to freedom. But Jiangxi's journey of self-discovery has a steep price. The choices he makes will change not only the course of his own life, but also the future of the two most powerful nations in the world.

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