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Nina Packebush

Three Queerdos and a Baby

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After discovering she's pregnant weeks after the tragic death of her sweetheart, Banjo Logan finds herself caught in a downward spiral of despair, confusion, and denial. Now at seventeen, Banjo is a new mom and determined to create a life for herself and her baby. She finds help in the form of a multi-generational pack of queer misfits and grown-up teenage moms. Navigating normal teenage rites of passage like first dances, new love, and existential dread while also facing the ups and downs of new motherhood with its leaky breasts, hormonal mood swings, and baby's first smile, Banjo begins to find her way. The second title in Packebush's award winning YA series, Three Queerdos and a Baby is also a stand-alone read. Equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious the book takes the reader on a wild ride through the often hidden world of queer youth and teenage parents as it offers a coming-of-age story for a new generation who sees gender as a kaleidoscope and the future as an impossibility.