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James D. Wolfensohn

Voice for the World's Poor: Selected Speeches and Writings of World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn, 1995-2005 ***

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As president of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn managed operations in almost 150 countries and was responsible for tens of billions of dollars in aid to the world's poorest nations. During his ten years and visits to more than 120 countries, Wolfensohn tirelessly drew the world's attention to the need to provide hope and a better future for the world's poor. He transformed the World Bank, made it more open and transparent, and integrated the views of the poor into development planning. He also changed the face and the character of an institution that was previously seen by many as heartless and arrogant. By describing the challenge of development in terms of people, and not only numbers, Wolfensohn put the spotlight back on the World Bank's real purpose―fighting global poverty and helping the world's poor forge a better life.

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